Friday, August 29, 2014

Glorifying God and Having a Blast!

These were the two goals Steven and Emily had for their wedding; glorify God during the wedding and then hoping everyone has a blast at their reception. Mission accomplished! Emily walked down the isle to the Doxology and then the song we sung was Great is Thy Faithfulness. The minister preached Jesus and the purpose of marriage. John Bailey, Ken's best friend, read scripture. It all glorified God!

The reception was a BLAST!!! The food was wonderful. The toasts were great. The dance floor was packed full the entire time. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids had a dance off that was hysterical! Randy, one of Steven's best friends, danced alone for awhile and was simply amazing and funny. All those on the dance floor knew numerous dances that they all did together. Texas people know how to dance! And it was decent and celebratory dancing. If you didn't see the short twelve minute video capturing the best of the evening, HERE it is again. It was a beautiful, amazing evening.

Weddings should be great times of celebrations! Two lives are joining into one and a whole new generation is being created. Jesus' first miracle was at a wedding, changing water into wine. It shows to us the importance He places on weddings and marriage for someday all of us will be eating together at the great feast in heaven when Christ is united once and for all with His bride, the church, us!

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: 
for the marriage of the Lamb is come, 
and his wife hath made herself ready.
Revelation 19:7

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Does God Care About Feminists' Accomplishments?

Does God care about the accomplishments of the feminist movement? I googled what the feminist movement accomplished and this is what I found ~

More women started careers instead of staying home with their children. In 1970, 8 percent of all medical school graduates and 5 percent of law school graduates were women. By 1998, those numbers had risen to 42 and 44 percent respectively. Women also made political gains as many ran for and were elected to office. {source}

I also know they helped abortion become legal, gave women the right to vote, and equal pay for equal work. Are these things important to God?

No, I think some of them are completely contrary to what God wants of women. He WANTS them staying home with their children. I doubt He cares about wives and mothers having careers and running for political office since almost all of the leadership positions held in the Bible were by men. I can't believe He would change His mind over the years because of the new {???} enlightenment.

I know He hates abortion. He hates the killing of the innocent. There is NO chance He supports abortion. What about equal pay for equal work? I am not sure about that since it is simply a result of women leaving their homes for careers and usually neglecting their husbands and homes. The right to vote? Not sure about that either since a wife's vote may cancel out her husband's vote who God has ordained as the head and leader of the home. {Please don't worry, feminists. I promise I will not try to take away your right to vote. Yes, I always vote and I vote exactly the same way that Ken does so I don't cancel out his vote.}

So does God care much about women? YES! He wants them to know how absolutely and completely loved they are by Him. He wants them to know He finds them worthy: worthy enough to send His only begotten Son to die for them; worthy enough to spend eternity with Him; worthy enough to be called His child; worthy enough to live mightily within them giving them power to live godly lives. He LOVES women. He knows the best place for the majority of women is in the home ministering to their husbands and children. He knows this has eternal significance.

I tried the career path. I tried ruling over my husband. I didn't like it at all. It produced chaos and turmoil in my life. I am thankful I get to be home. I am thankful I was the one who raised my children. I am so thankful I have learned to be a godly, submissive help meet to my husband. Life is SO much better God's ways. Try it. You may find the abundant blessings flowing from doing things God's ways also!

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men;
 and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
I Corinthians 1:25

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

She Tried To Do It All

Many women realize too late that trying to do it all is not worth the price. A reader commented on this post about this topic. I thought her experience was worthy of a post of its own in hopes of sparing other women from trying to do it all ~

I did it all, by choice. Now I HAVE to do it all because I'm divorced. Going down the superwoman path carries a price, to yourself, to your marriage, to your kids and to your time with God. Are you trying to prove something by doing that? What?

I believe that women who are married and have children CAN also have a career, but that does have a price. Sometimes the man does not make enough money to support his family and the woman has large earning potential. I was there. But you HAVE to consider the big picture. Some marriages can be creative and you can both be frugal ~ to compensate for lesser income and more time with family. But IF you can make it work for the woman to be home, I STRONGLY encourage you to view that as the best option. It's biblical, it's proven statistically by tracking 'outcomes' of children by social services, in divorce figures, in the happiness and health of the entire family.

EVEN IF you can work all day and have the energy to play with your kids, teach them, cook good whole food meals, clean house, do laundry, STUDY THE WORD, have time to exercise and still have the energy to have sex. REALLY!?!?! DO YOU WANT TO BE THAT BUSY ALL THE TIME??? Where is the 'spending time together' in all that?? When I was married and doing all that I could only sleep 4 hours a night. I was crabby to everyone and tired ALL the time. Nobody was getting the best of anything from me.

I'm a 50 year old single mother of a teen now. I own my own business, own my own home, I am a poster child for the feminists. {barf} I am active in my church... and I'm chronically EXHAUSTED. At one point when my son was a toddler and my business was more 'successful' than it is now, I was sleep deprived and INSANE. My health and relationships suffered, GREATLY. And while I do not think that is why I am divorced, it certainly was a factor. I'm divorced because my husband was an addict. Was my 'doing it all' a factor in his sickness? How could I say it wasn't?? But the fact now is that I don't have time to seek a mate, I have a boat that has not been in the lake for 4 years... an activity that I always dreamed of sharing with my son.

I am from the generation of women who first proved 'we can do it all' and MANY of my peers and friends have done so. ALL of them would tell you there was a price paid for it. ALL. OF. THEM.

I HAVE to sleep 6-7 hours a night now because I did less for so long that I have health challenges and eye problems if I don't. THERE IS A PRICE. I would GIVE ANYTHING to have a solid marriage to a man who could provide to us. Don't be someone who didn't know what they had until it is gone... be honest with yourself. Even if you ARE able to get all the chores done all the time, aren't you giving up precious 'relationship' time with your spouse, kids, God, friends and extended family? The very relationships that feed our souls and are the real purpose for being?

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.
Colossians 4:5

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Clear Negatives of Mothers Leaving the Home

Women use to give me a hard time whenever I wrote a submission. I am not getting as many arguments about that anymore. However, I still get quite a bit of controversy whenever I write about women being keepers at home. For some reason, that is a HUGE hot button for many women.

During one of my posts and women not agreeing with what I had written, I found an interesting post written by Forbes Magazine, a non-biblical magazine. They have no vested interest in women working or not. They point out the gains women have made and the losses. The losses, to me, are so devastating that they negate any positives of women leaving their homes for work. What has suffered the most is the family, the backbone of any society. How can any gains be considered gains when the family loses?

Here are two paragraphs about the negatives about women working ~

Less time for mothers to spend with children due to their work schedules: There are definite downsides to women working. For example, mothers working full-time means they have busier schedules and less time to spend with children. "One third of all school age children in the Unites States are, for some part of the week, latch key kids; that is, they go to an empty house or apartment." As The Economist article warns, "Even well-off parents worry that they spend too little time with their children, thanks to crowded schedules and the ever-buzzing Blackberry."

Increased stress levels and changing roles: Harper and Leicht {Exploring Social Change: America and the World, 2007, p. 91} state, "The most pressing problem of dual-income families is not money, but the problem of managing 'ragged' family schedules and adjusting husband/wife roles." Women are currently juggling full-time careers, managing household chores and child rearing duties, as well as taking care of aging parents, thus greatly increasing their level of daily stress compare to women of previous generations. Family relationships have been shifting in dual-income families from patriarchal authority and "from fixed 'role scripts' toward more flexible 'role negotiation'" and egalitarian relationships.

And how is this all working??? Divorce is at an all time high. Depression an all time high. Suicide at an all time high. Broken family, broken marriages, and broken lives. No thank you. I will stick to teaching God's Word and His ways. He wants women keeping and guiding the home, guarding and protecting it from the Enemy. No, He doesn't say, "Women can not work outside of the home," but He makes His intentions very clear to us and what He wants from us. Plus, the consequences of straying from His will are extremely clear as stated in the article above.

Older women teach younger women to be...keepers at home.
Titus 2:3-5

HERE is an article from celebrity moms stating that working 
outside the home is hard on the family.